I Stand with You:

Honoring the Art and Spirit of Afghan Women

Join us in a global movement to support Afghan refugee artists, particularly women, and amplify their voices for justice.

The Taliban’s oppressive regime has silenced the dreams and aspirations of Afghan women. We’re here to say, #IStandWithYou.

How Our Campaign Works


Showcase the Art

Showcase the remarkable creativity and resilience of Afghan women artists through exhibitions, storytelling, and educational resources.

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Learn the History

Learn the rich history of women’s activism and movements in Afghanistan


Raise Global Awareness

Raise global awareness of the challenges faced by Afghan women under Taliban rule, inspiring empathy and action.
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Provide Sustainable Support

Provide sustainable support channels for Afghan refugee artists to continue their creative pursuits and contribute to their communities.


Join OUr Network

Join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of Afghan refugee artists, especially women.
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Your contributions will directly impact the lives of Afghan women artists, empowering them to share their stories and inspire positive change.

Join us in honoring the art and spirit of Afghan women. Together, we can make a difference

Call on Universities & Institutions

Stand with Afghan Women!

It’s time for your university and institution to stand in solidarity with Afghan women through the #IStandWithYou campaign.

Join us in making a lasting impact on the lives of Afghan refugee artists, especially women.

How your institution can help

Please note that participation in these roles is optional, and your institution can choose to support in one or more areas. Additionally, your institution may offer other kinds of support not listed here.

Our Partners

Fill out the form and join our amazing mission to help Afghan women.

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Thank you for being the catalyst for change. Together, we can make a significant impact and stand united with Afghan women.
#IStandWithYou – Solidarity with Women and Girls of Afghanistan

Beneficiaries of

I Stand With You
Campaign by ArtLords

Women of Afghanistan Living Under Gender Apartheid

Central to this campaign are the women of Afghanistan, who endure the harsh realities of gender apartheid. The campaign aims to uplift these women by advocating for their rights and providing them with critical resources. Initiatives may include educational programs, legal assistance, access to healthcare, and empowerment workshops. These efforts are crucial in challenging systemic gender biases and opening doors to new opportunities for Afghan women, enabling them to advocate for their rights and well-being in a highly restrictive environment.

Afghan Refugee Artists

Afghan artists who have sought refuge abroad are pivotal to this campaign. They carry with them not only their personal experiences of displacement but also the cultural heritage of Afghanistan. The campaign supports these artists by providing platforms for their art, facilitating connections with global art networks, and offering financial and logistical support. This not only helps preserve Afghan culture in the diaspora but also allows these artists to sustain themselves through their craft, fostering a sense of community and continuity in their new environments.

⁠Afghan Artists Inside Afghanistan

Artists remaining in Afghanistan, often working under oppressive conditions, are another key focus. The campaign supports their artistic endeavors, offering them a semblance of normalcy and freedom of expression. This includes financial support, art supplies, and opportunities to exhibit their work safely. By backing these artists, the campaign plays a vital role in keeping the Afghan cultural scene alive and resisting the erasure of artistic expression under the current regime.

Partner Institutions and Universities

The campaign also collaborates with various educational and cultural institutions globally. These partnerships are aimed at facilitating research, organizing joint events, and creating educational programs that focus on gender equality, human rights, and the promotion and protection of freedom and human rights. By working with universities and institutions, the campaign broadens its impact, reaching a wider audience and fostering a global network of support and advocacy for the issues faced by Afghan women and artists.
The “I Stand With You” campaign by ArtLords is thus a comprehensive initiative that not only spotlights the struggles faced by individuals under gender apartheid in Afghanistan but also fosters a supportive network for Afghan artists and educational institutions. Through these multifaceted efforts, the campaign seeks to create lasting change and provide hope and support to those most affected by the ongoing crisis.

About ArtLords:

Transforming Lives Through Art

ArtLords — a collective of self-styled “artivists” — creates street art in Afghanistan and around the world. They use art as a tool to educate and engage with communities through shared experiences. ArtLords takes on challenging social and political issues, yet at the heart of their work is a vision for healing and peace.

For Enquiries

Your support matters. Join us in making a difference in the lives of Afghan women artists. Together, we can build a more just and equitable world. Thank you for standing with us.

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Omaid Sharifi

Omaid Sharifi is a prominent "artivist" and co-founder of ArtLords, an organization known for its street art projects globally. With a significant background that includes a fellowship at Harvard and active roles in organizations like CIVICUS and the Millennium Leadership Fellowship at the Atlantic Council, Sharifi's work extends over 19 years, focusing on empowering artists worldwide and leading initiatives through Pen America’s ARC to protect artists at risk. His efforts highlight his dedication to enhancing civil society and the arts both in Afghanistan and internationally.

Email: omaidsharifi@artlords.co

Kabir Mokamel (3)

Kabir Mokamel

Kabir Mokamel, a visionary Co-Founder and the Creative Director at ArtLords, brings over three decades of rich experience in the creative sector. His multifaceted career encompasses roles as a curator and creative director, spearheading an array of distinguished projects including Kabul Street, Kuchi Film, and the impactful I See You campaign. Mr. Mokamel's artistic contributions have gained international recognition, with his work being showcased in prominent cities such as Canberra, Montreal, Washington D.C., Berlin, Colombo, Lahore, and Kabul. Prior to his pivotal role at ArtLords, he has made significant strides as the Creative Manager for the Australian National University, CETENA Group, and Lapis Strategic Communications, demonstrating a profound commitment to leveraging art and creativity for societal transformation.

Email: kabirmokamel@gmail.com

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Dr. Halima Kazem

Dr. Halima Kazem is an Afghan American scholar-lecturer, historian, and filmmaker whose work intersects in the areas of gender, empire, human rights, and media. She is currently an oral historian on Afghanistan at Stanford University's Hoover Institution. Her work is deeply rooted in feminist methodologies and 20 years of working as a journalist and human rights researcher.

Email: hkazem@stanford.edu

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